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- A Venetian coronation, 1595. Paul McCreesh. Gabrieli Consort and players. Virgin classics,1990.

Returning to 'A Venetian Coronation 1595' two decades after its original release.


Last week, we began the recording sessions for our new re-release of A Venetian Coronation 1595 on the Winged Lion label! We take a look at the historical and instrumental developments since the original recording.

A Venetian Coronation 1595 is a musical re-creation evoking the grand pageantry of the Coronation Mass for Venetian Doge Marino Grimani. His love of ceremony and state festivals fuelled an extraordinary musical bounty during his reign and formed the background to the musical riches of the period, especially to the works of Giovanni Gabrieli. With cornetts, sackbuts and an all-male consort, Paul McCreesh fully exploits the dazzling polyphony of Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli's music and captivates the audience in a theatrical and ceremonious performance.



"Paul McCreesh and his Gabrieli Consort & Players first appeared on record enthusiasts' radar in 1990 with a disc for Virgin Classics entitled ‘A Venetian Coronation 1595'. It was a real ear-opener, a re-creation of what might have been heard when a new Doge was being enthroned in Venice, drawing on works by Giovanni Gabrieli and his uncle Andrea, the composers who lent their name to McCreesh's bands of musicians." James Jolly

"Without doubt, this is one of the finest records of Italian Renaissance polyphony to appear for a long time; imaginative in conception, varied in content, and both exciting and thought-provoking in execution." Gramophone Magazine, 1990

"A sonic stunner…" Observer on Sunday, 1990

"A glorious and exciting event; played marvellously by the brass, keyboards and lone fiddle, directed with character and drive by McCreesh, and sung beautifully by the choir and soloists."
The Independent, 2005

"They brought with them A Venetian Coronation, the first of their famous historical reconstructions. May Doge Grimani and the Gabrieli Consort & Players live forever in health and glory."
The Times, 2010


So what has changed since the first recording in 1990?

Since 1990, there have been huge developments in the early instruments, performance techniques and the research in to the pieces that were on the original recording. New sources have been re-discovered, and this is all without mentioning the developments in technology!


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