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Les paysages de Picasso


Like other Catalan artists, Picasso portrayed a particular view of Barcelona: from the rooftops. Picasso created rooftop cityscapes from the nearby environment. These views of an elevated Barcelona sometimes become distinguishing skylines of the city.

The rich construction stands in stark contrast to the absence of any human figures – particularly striking given that since the end of the 18th century the city rooftops had offered its dwellers a new space for different uses.

The artist made use of perspective and the interplay of light and shade often creates by evocative full moons. The result is an amalgam of geometric shapes

  • Pablo PicassoBarcelona rooftopsBarcelona, 1903Oil on canvas71 x 111 cmPermanently ceded by the Ministry of Culture, 1991Gasull FotografiaMPB 112.943
  • Adolf MasPont de la Parra Street1907Gelatin-silver print on toned paperArxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona


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