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Les paysages de Picasso

Modern Barcelona

In the last third of the 19th century, Barcelona underwent a series of major changes, including the construction of Ciutadella Park, where the 1888 Universal Exposition was held. In addition, the city expanded along the gridlines of the Eixample, the seafront developed and the city centre was spruced up.

Modern Barcelona leaved its mark in urban areas on buildings such as the Xifré House, the first modern block of flats in Barcelona. Close to where Picasso lived, this building had the first modern rooftop water tanks in the city.

Picasso often went to Ciutadella Park, recently built, where there were still vestiges of the follies created for the Expo, such as the diorama of the mountains of Montserrat which the artist painted.

  • Pablo PicassoFalse mountains of Montserrat in Ciutadella ParkBarcelona, 1895-1896Oil on wood10 x 15,6 cmGift of Pablo Picasso, 1970Gasull FotografiaMPB 110.184
  • Frederic Bordas i AltarribaReproduction of the Montserrat mountains in Ciutadella Park1888Modern print© Arxiu Fotogràfic Centre Excursionista de Catalunya


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