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From Guercino to Caravaggio

Da Guercino a Caravaggio - Roma

From Guercino to Caravaggio, an amazing journey through the 17th century in Italy, enriched by the augmented reality of Google Glass, for the first time in Italy.

On 26th September Palazzo Barberini Roma opened the exhibition "From Guercino to Caravaggio. Sir Denis Mahon and the Italian art of the 17th Century" which collects 45 masterpieces, all of them Italian, coming from great museums such as the National Picture Gallery of Bologna, Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg and the Vatican Museums.

Extraordinary artists such as Caravaggio, Guercino, Carracci, Guido Reni, Domenichino re-discoverd or valorized by the British scholar Sir. Mahon; paintings of inestimable value as "Venere, Marte e Amore", "la Madonna del Passero", "il Suonatore di Liuto" and il "San Francesco in Meditazione", which tell the story of the Emilia school of the 1600s and the Italian Baroque, thanks to the use of the extremely new technology signed by Google.

For the first time in Italy, Google Glass, projecting to the user's eyes an extension of the same painting to obtain additional information about the world around them, thanks to augmented reality.

A unique experience between art and technology of inestimable value.

Buy your ticket now and don't miss this precious chance,
the only one in Italy.

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