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"Le perce-neige" de Coleridge

perce-neige.jpg"Ce sont des plages aimés des elfes

Où les Lys soumis au Zéphir

Se penchent pour s'embrasser eux-mêmes,

Images floues tremblant dans l'eau:-

C'est là, la nuit, que dort Laura,

Sommeil magique levant son sein:

Vagabond blanc des Harpes, son bras

Sous sa joue,plié, tient.

Le poème en entier et enb anglais ci-dessous:

Coleridge's "The Snow-Drop" was composed in December 1797. It's remarkable in that it only directly references the flower in the first stanza; the other eight are very obviously about the poet Mary Robinson, whom he correctly identifies as the fragile being actually referenced through Robinson's own symbolic flower. Printed below is the 1993 Everyman's Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge edition:

The Snow-Drop 

Fear no more, thou timid Flower!

Fear thou no more the winter's might,

The whelming thaw, the ponderous shower,

The silence of the freezing night!

Since Laura murmur'd o'er thy leaves

The potent sorceries of song,

To thee, meek Flowret! gentler gales

And cloudless skies belong. 

Her eye with tearful meanings fraught,

She gaz'd till all the body mov'd

Interpreting the Spirit's thought-

The Spirit's eager sympathy

Now trembled with thy trembling stem,

And while thy droopedst o'er thy bed,

With sweet unconscious sympathy

Inclin'd the drooping head. 

She droop'd her head, she stretch'd her arm,

She whisper'd low her witching rhymes,

Fame unreluctant heard the charm,

And bore thee to Pierian climes!

Fear thou no more the Matin Frost

That sparkled on thy bed of snow:

For there, mid laurels ever green,

Immortal thou shalt blow. 

Thy petals boast a white more soft,

The spell hath so perfumed thee,

That careless Love shall deem thee oft

A blossom from his Myrtle tree.

Then, laughing at the fair deceit,

Shall race with some Etesian wind

To seek the woven arboret

Where Laura lies reclin'd. 

All them whom Love and Fancy grace,

When grosser eyes are clos'd in sleep,

The gentle spirits of the place

Waft up the insuperable steep,

On whose vast summit broad and smooth

Her nest the Phoenix Bird conceals,

And where by cypresses o'erhung

The heavenly Lethe steals. 

A sea-like sound the branches breathe,

Stirr'd by the Breeze that loiters there;

And all that stretch their limbs beneath,

Forget the coil of mortal care.

Strange mists along the margins rise,

To heal the guests who thither come,

And fit the soul to re-endure

Its earthly martyrdom. 

The margin dear to moonlight elves

Where Zephyr-trembling Lilies grow,

And bend to kiss their softer selves

That tremble in the stream below:-

There nightly borne does Laura lie

A magic Slumber heaves her breast:

Her arm, white wanderer of the Harp,

Beneath her cheek is prest. 

The Harp unhung by golden chains

Of that low wind which whispers round,

With coy reproachfulness complains,

In snatches of reluctant sound:

The music hovers half-perceiv'd,

And only moulds the slumberer's dreams;

Remember'd LOVES relume her cheek

With Youth's returning gleams.

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  • Belle et douce nuit dans un cadre pacifiant, gardée par les lys blanc !

  • Si ça pouvait être vrai!

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